The teacher who taught the world a lesson. Mothers can study too

The teacher who taught the world a lesson. Mothers can study too

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The Israeli Professor Sydney engelbert has taught the world a lesson. This teacher gave a lecture at the University of Jerusalem on 'Organizational Behavior'. It is very normal for mothers to attend their classes with their babies and it is even normal for them to breastfeed their children when they need it.

His latest class has become a viral phenomenon. And is that when one of the babies in the class began to cry, the mother got up to leave the room and thus not disturb the others, but Engelbert then offered an example of organizational behavior: He took the child in his arms, asked the mother to sit down and continued with his talk.

Engelberg, is the father of a large family and grandfather of 5 grandchildren and mothers can attend his classes with their children because he prefers this to stop studying to take care of children. One of the students could not resist and captured a photo of the moment and Engelbert's daughter, Sarit Fishbaine, proud of her father's attitude shared the moment on Facebook with these words:

'The baby of one of the students started crying. Instead of her leaving, the lecturer who is also a qualified grandfather does not hesitate to calm the baby and follow the class as usual. Apparently in all their courses, mothers usually bring their babies and breastfeed them there. I call this organizational behavior! Show me another speaker like that ... my father is the best in the world. '

And what does Engelbert think of all this commotion? It amuses him that this simple act has gone around the world, since for him what he did is so natural and habitual that it should not be strange.

The paternity and training in many cases is at oddsAs parents, we know that once our children are born it is very difficult to find time to study and even work sometimes. There is a high percentage of women who abandon their professional careers to take care of their children when they are young and who are unable to resume their professions when the children are older.

It is quite possible that with teachers like this, many mothers would continue, resume or start their studies.

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