The benefits of the step for children

The benefits of the step for children

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We know that our children should practice physical exercise regularly, but we do not always know how to decide on the best activity. The step It is an aerobic exercise with many benefits for children, although we are not very used to relating it to children.

However, the step meets all the requirements to become the favorite activity of our children because it is dynamic, it is fun, it is performed with music, it can be practiced outdoors or in covered spaces and, most importantly, it prevents childhood obesity and sedentary lifestyle.

The step has been implemented in gyms for decades and is recognized as one of the aerobic exercises more complete, but we tend to associate this exercise with gyms or classes for adults. However, children love the step, especially if the choreography is adapted to their age.

Practicing step is accessible to all ages and is a fun physical exercise because it is done by listening to music. It consists of performing choreographies on a height adjustable step in a group class where children, in addition to being physically active, can socialize with other children their age.

For being the step one aerobic modality, the main benefits for children are seen in cardiovascular health. The step promotes blood circulation, regulates the heart rate and the body gets used to the practice of physical effort. This exercise especially develops the muscles of the lower body, but there are also general benefits.

The step favors psychomotor development, coordination, flexibility and endurance. It is also a fundamental exercise for children to learn to breathe correctly and considerably improves their ability to concentrate. Since the step is practiced with music, the performance of the choreographies develops your sense of rhythm in a fun way.

For children to take advantage of all the physical and emotional benefits of practicing step, it is recommended that they do it under the supervision of a monitor, since it is the only way to avoid injuries and that the rhythm of the exercise adapts to the age and the possibilities of each child. But with these precautions, the step can become a the most complete exercise for the development of the little ones.

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