7 ideas to guide children in the use of new technologies

Children have access to the Internet from their earliest stages. In many homes, smartphones, tablets or computers coexist naturally with other toys. In fact, it is very common for toy companies to develop specific computers for children with interactive games for children.

The children then they live with these devices and know how to handle them without receiving any kind of training, just by looking and using your intuition. But, they are unaware of the risks derived from both uncontrolled use and excessive use, how can you help them?

Everyone knows that children need to go out, go to the park, play with friends ... Technology is part of children's daily lives, and as long as it does not interfere with that important leisure time away from home , it can be very beneficial. But, how to guide children to use new technologies in a responsible way?

1- Set a time limit: not allowing access to new technologies is not logical since they will have to live with it throughout their lives, even in school more and more tools of this type are introduced for teaching. However, limiting their use and controlling the time they spend is essential. It is convenient to establish a routine of time that the children know.

2- Guide children in navigation: It is true that they are very intuitive and know how to navigate almost without receiving classes, but they do not know what to do when advertising is triggered or how to proceed with that file that is asking to be downloaded. Teaching them to use these devices well is basic.

3- Learn with children: You may not know technology well, but it is important to know how they work or what possibilities they have to be able to teach your children to use them properly. Perhaps your children can also teach you tricks or ways to use the devices that they did not know and they will be proud of having taught their parents something.

4- Explain the dangers: knowing the risks on the Internet is important in order to avoid them. Children need to know what can happen if they give their information, contact strangers or browse pages that are for adults.

5- Using technology for more than just gaming: It is okay to let your child play with the smartphone in the doctor's office for peace of mind, however, technology offers much more than games. You can use children's interests to delve into the Internet and watch documentaries or information about what they like the most.

6- Monitor navigation: the autonomy of the child on the Internet involves risks. Leaving him alone with the tablet means that he may end up accessing content that is not suitable for him or that he simply cannot understand or it may scare him. Taking a little time to navigate with the child and monitor their use of devices is pedagogical.

7- Create a climate of dialogue: so that they can let us know if they have detected something that is strange or has scared them.

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