Your child's favorite musical instrument

Your child's favorite musical instrument

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Music is a pleasure for the senses and a great stimulus for children. My husband always says that music is pure math too. Music relaxes, calms, increases children's capacity, concentration, and invites them to effort and perseverance.

My daughter has been in music school for a few years and has chosen the piano as her instrument. Although she has to dedicate hours a day to this activity, we are aware that the fact that she has chosen the piano is because she identifies with it and likes it.

Whenever my daughter feels overwhelmed by homework or a test at school, she always turns to her piano to relax. She says that by touching it, she regains concentration and calm.

Some parents are tempted to offer their children some instrument that is already available at home, either because they inherited it from a family or because a sibling already plays it, because of the parents' hobby or because they cannot afford an expense for the purchase of an instrument that they do not know for sure if the child will like it. That is why the ideal is for the child himself to choose the instrument. Not all children know, first, which instrument to choose. For this reason it is important to give them an overview of the instruments: percussion, wind, strings, emphasizing the sound and the filling with other instruments.

It is necessary to make an assessment of the pros and cons of each instrument. The piano, for example, is a very subtle and clear instrument, even played by small children it can delight us from the beginning, however the violin, especially, alone, is less pleasant to the ears in its initial phase. It takes much longer to play music with it than with the piano. On the other hand, the violin is a much more suitable instrument to participate in a chamber orchestra, which is not so simple for the piano. Like the piano, other instruments such as the cello, tuba, etc., are too large for a child, so it is preferable to start with other wind or bow instruments more on a children's scale such as trumpet or viola. The wind instruments are very varied, some are large, but there are many that are more manageable when it comes to transporting them and practicing them anywhere, likewise they can also participate more easily in the orchestra.

A good idea to help children choose an instrument is to take them to musical concerts and offer videos and films of various interpretations, both solo and in a group. Surely they will end up leaning more for some than for others. On YouTube, there is also a series of videos of people who offer tutorials on how to play a song with the piano, the flute, the violin ... The important thing is that the music is never missing.

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