Summer camps abroad to learn another language

Summer camps abroad to learn another language

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If you are thinking about taking your child to a language camp abroad, you have surely had a lot of questions. Knowing if it is really necessary for them to go out of the house, at what age it is convenient for them to spend the summer in a camp, what activities they do or what is the best place to send them, are some questions that parents who are thinking about their son take a language immersion in a second language. EF, an organization that organizes summer camps in different destinations every year, gives us the answers.

Why do summer camps arise abroad? Learning English is essential and many parents are concerned that their children will be able to master it at the earliest age possible. One of the best ways for a child to learn a language is to expose themselves to the language through playful activities with peers their age. From this idea arose the summer camps abroad, which are organized so that children and young people can enjoy varied and entertaining activities, having a great time and being exposed to the language 24 hours a day.

From what age can my child go camping abroad? An 8-year-old child is considered to be ready to spend time abroad, if he is supervised 24 hours by a monitor. It is very important that children and young people who travel abroad do so with an organization that ensures this surveillance and protection 24 hours a day, through the constant accompaniment of a monitor.

What activities do camps abroad offer? In language camps abroad, children usually have a few hours of classes from Monday to Friday. However, true learning occurs because they are surrounded by people of all nationalities and to communicate with them they begin to practice what they learned in class, internalizing concepts and words very quickly.

What is the best for my child? When choosing a camp abroad, you should choose the one that best suits your child's tastes. There is a huge offer of summer camps to choose from, and there are even themed camps if your child is interested in activities like golf, soccer, acting, dancing, adventure sports, or water sports like surfing. Also, depending on your child's tastes, you can take him to a camp in a city or in the middle of nature.

Information provided by EF that organizes summer camps each year in different destinations.

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