What do morals teach children?

What do morals teach children?

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When we take a teaching out of a story we say that it has a moral. It is that conclusion or message that stories and stories convey. Also poetry.

In the stories, the characters can be animals with human qualities, from which the children can draw some life lesson. They are fables that leave a moral.

When reading stories, children get into the skin of the characters, they experience and feel emotions from which they can learn a lot, therefore, they are an invaluable and very helpful resource, which will help them learn values ​​and learn to defend themselves before the different situations they will have to face in life.

The children's poetry (for its rhyme and sonority) and fables, they are ideal means to teach children values ​​and even if the message is not explicitly written in the text, the author will make it reach the little reader and discover it naturally.

Let's see what you can learn from the following story:


With a reputation for bad fleas

a Pekingese puppy,

envies the size

of a great dane dog.

When it passes by your side

feeling even smaller,

he barks at him grumbling

He insults him and runs off.

The big dog tells him

who can't understand it,

He didn't choose his size

they gave it to him at birth!

And he leaves there very sad

trying to understand,

that only because of its size

don't want to get close to him.

Will children be able to get under the skin of the Danish dog and feel how he feels? Will they understand that envy never good? That all we are the same and different? What do we all have the same right to life?

It is time to sit down with them at reflect about what history has transmitted to us, and if they ask us to listen to it again, it will be because they liked it and it has reached their hearts. According Bettelheim (child psychoanalyst), a child will be able to make the most of what our story has to offer, only after having heard it repeatedly and having had enough time and opportunities to do so.

Marisa Alonso Santamaría

Poet specialized in children

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