Children's end of year party. Goodbye school, hello holidays

Children's end of year party. Goodbye school, hello holidays

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The end of year party is a very special moment for children. After a long year of studies, new learning, homework, early risings, exams, games in the yard ... the end of classes has come!

But before you rush out of school on the way to vacation and park your backpack in the corner of your room, there is one very important thing to do: enjoy the end-of-year party.

My children rehearse every day to prepare. They will perform a function at the school in which some classes will perform plays and others will sing songs. As mine are a bit shy, they have decided not to ask for leading roles and prefer to do 'figurative'.

However, according to school rules, parents will not be able to attend the function so we will miss that moment when dozens of cameras and mobiles point at the children as if they were stars on the red carpet. We will not be able to see that moment in which one makes a mistake, another leaves before time or one of the little ones breaks into tears when he sees so many people, because the scenes are the same even if the school changes.

We will have to wait for the party that takes place on the weekend in which a small fair with bouncy castles and water wars is mounted. However, my case is not the most common, the normal thing is that schools open their doors for parents to see their children perform.

Be that as it may, the end-of-year party is an extra job for parents, and many of you may have had to sew a lettuce suit, a Grease dress or a robot costume for the function. Or even, if your children graduate, you will have had to make a graduation cap.

And, if they also have extracurricular activities it is very likely that the end-of-year schedule will multiply by five: Music classes, karate classes, swimming classes, English classes ...

Parties, functions, fun ... All this to celebrate the great moment: say goodbye to school until next year. And now that? Now we only have to tremble because we are facing three months with the children at home. Good luck and enjoy the holidays!

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