15 Tips from María Montessori to educate children

In the education of children there are infallible 'ingredients', very basic, and that we often overlook. Reinforcing children's self-esteem, letting them make mistakes and learn from their mistakes or not buying the child with others, are some of them.

Maria Montessori, a famous Italian pedagogue, left us some 'commandments' for the education of children, very useful for parents and that we should review from time to time to see if we are doing the right thing.

1. Children learn from their surroundings.

2. If you criticize a child a lot, he will learn to judge.

3. If you praise the child regularly, he will learn to value.

4. If the child is shown hostility, he will learn to fight.

5. If you are fair to the child, he will learn to be fair.

6. If a child is ridiculed frequently, he will be a shy person.

7. If the child grows up feeling safe, he will learn to trust others.

8. If the child is frequently denigrated, an unhealthy feeling of guilt will develop in him.

9. If the child's ideas are accepted regularly, he will learn to feel good about himself. If the child is encouraged in what he does, he will gain self-confidence.

10. If the child lives in a friendly atmosphere and feels necessary, he will learn to find love in the world.

11. Do not speak ill of your child, neither when he is around nor when he is not.

12. Always listen to your child and respond to him when he approaches you with a question or comment.

13. You must be willing to help your child if he is looking for something, but also to go unnoticed if he found what he was looking for himself.

14. Respect your child even if he made a mistake. It will correct it now or perhaps it will correct it later.

15. When you address your child, always do it in the best way. Give the best that is in you.

Advice taken from the 'Commandments of Maria Montessori'Italian educator, philosopher, scientist and pedagogue.

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