10 superfoods that we should include in our diet

10 superfoods that we should include in our diet

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When it comes to establishing what to eat, it is quite common for us to get carried away by topics, and everything that has to do with good nutrition, in which we do not go beyond the typical regime with which we feel healthy and beautiful but what is pretty boring.

If we want to innovate while nurturing ourselves and establishing new food guidelines, it is best that we look at beauty and nutrition professionals. According Myriam YĆ©benes in his book 'How to like and like you. My beauty secrets', there are ten key foods that we have to establish in our diet to be and feel better.

These ten superfoods that stand out are as follows: black garlic, spirulina, kelp seaweed, chorella seaweed, acai berry, turmeric, ginger, sacha inchi, chia seeds, and Andean maca. Among some of the properties that these foods have for our body, we can highlight the help in the battle against cholesterol in spirulina, the antioxidant properties of spices with turmeric or the elimination of toxins that we get through kelp seaweed.

In the case of chorella seaweed, one of the advantages of ingesting it on a regular basis is that the immune system is strengthened, something that it shares with the seed Sacha Inchi, which in addition to strengthening the body, also regulates blood pressure.

On the other hand, we can know that chia seeds, for their part, help to give us the energy we need; the ginger has anti-inflammatory properties, or that the tuber that is called Andean maca regulates hormonal balance and promotes fertility among other benefits. Finally, the black garlic is diuretic and acai berry reduces the effects of aging.

Once we know these new additions to our daily diet, which we can use in the most varied and healthy menus, we have to know that although we eat wonderfully, nothing will be the same if we do not practice exercise.

Walk twenty minutes a day, run, swim, do aerobic exercises, practice disciplines such as yoga or Pilates ... depending on our physical abilities, the free time we have and our tastes, this can be our sports routine, which will help us feel better inside and out.

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