Child swimming safety

Child swimming safety

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Considering that the swimming It is an activity to amuse and entertain children, and not to turn them into excellent swimmers, some safety measures that parents should consider when being with their children in the water cannot be ignored. In the same way that a child can suffer a accidenton land, water is also dangerous.

You cannot believe certain programs that advertise that children are capable of self-care and even saving themselves in an emergency situation. Risks exist and parents need to be aware of these limitations.

- The child should never be in the water without direct adult supervision. In a brief distraction an accident may occur. - Avoid all types of toys and even floats in the pool. If your child is a baby, he will be safer in your arms. If you are an older child, you will be safer with a few sleeves. But always with the supervision of an adult.

- Do not let your children enter a pool whose bottom is not perfectly visible. Parents should always ensure that the pool water is clean and with controlled sanitary care, to avoid water intoxication.

- Do not allow your children to jump standing up from the edge of the pool. It is dangerous for them because they can fall badly and hit their head against the edge; and it is also dangerous for other swimmers who pass under the water without being warned.

- Constantly monitor children near water, even if they know how to swim.

- Prohibits pushing and sleight of hand in the water, as well as racing around the pool as a measure to prevent slips and falls.

- Avoid complete immersion of children who have not learned to control their underwater breathing as this can be aspirated and pass into the lungs with serious consequences.

- Pay particular attention to the electrical installation and connection in the pool. The equipment must be adequately protected by cutting systems, where possible double (in case one fails), being essential to keep maintenance updated.

- The equipment must be out of the reach of children, who, as is known, are attracted by buttons and keys.

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