Eduard Estivill's advice videos for raising and educating children

Eduard Estivill's advice videos for raising and educating children

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Dr. Eduard Estivill has written many well-known books to help parents with their children's education. In the exclusive interview for our site, Dr. Estivill reveals to parents the keys to emotional intelligence, sleep, behavior habits and children's crying. Through a series of videos with practical advice you can learn more about education and parenting.

Here we present the videos with the most interesting explanations of the pleasant interview we had with Dr. Estivill.

Teach the baby to sleep. Children's sleep is a need of the body, that is why it is important to teach children to sleep and, also, that they learn to fall asleep on their own. Take note of the advice that Eduard Estivill, pediatrician and co-author of the book Pediatrics with Common Sense, gives you in the following video.

Move the baby to his room. We ask the doctor if it is good for the baby to sleep with his parents and at what age should the child be changed from the crib to the bed? Doctor Eduard Estivill explains some of the advantages why it is recommended that the baby sleep with the parents for the first months and offers some clues to face this change.

Teach children emotional intelligence. There is a lot of talk about emotional intelligence, but what is it really? When can you start working with her and the children? How can you influence their development? We have talked about all this with doctor Estivil, who gives us some guidelines to achieve it.

Should we be friends with our children? Can we or should we be friends with our children? Doctor Estivill assures that the friendship between parents and children does not work. For him, parents should behave like parents, never like friends. In this video, you can learn why parents should never lose the role of parents.

How to explain death to children. Explaining death to children is difficult. Dr. Estivill advises us on how we can talk to children about something we do not know. Video advice from the doctor and expert writer on children's pedagogy and sleep. In addition, we take into account the age of the child.

What to do when the child cries Did you know that children have different ways of crying? Doctor Estivill, in an exclusive interview on our site, teaches us what can help us to understand the cry of babies and what to do when the child cries for different reasons. Don't miss this video.

The bad words on the kids. Dr. Eduard Estivill talks about the use of swear words in children's language. Is swearing a matter of rebellion?

Only children, advantages and disadvantages. Many times by their own desire or by circumstances, couples decide to have an only child. What are the advantages and disadvantages (if any) of raising only children? Here are some tips from pediatrician Eduardo Estivil.

Parents and the school in education. According to Dr. Eduard Estivil, before, we were parents who had to teach children to be, we taught them values ​​and to be taught at school, the rules of discipline, but now another very important actor comes into play: teachers and the school

Bad habits in children. Does your child bite his nails? Does your little one have a lot of addiction to thumb sucking? If you are living either of these two circumstances and you want to end these bad habits and tics in children, heed the advice of doctor Estivill to put an end to it.

Educate children's self-esteem. Raising children's self-esteem is not an easy task for parents, children must be educated to help them cope with the frustrations and problems that they will encounter throughout their lives. With the advice of doctor Estivill you can prepare your child for tomorrow.

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