The ideal room for the first baby

The ideal room for the first baby

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One of the great pleasures that parents experience during pregnancy is choosing, preparing and decorating the room for their baby. However, many times this pleasure turns into concern since the planned one does not always go according to your financial possibilities.

For the consolation of these parents there are today a lot of proposals that fit any budget. For a newborn's room, the important thing is that the decoration is warm, comfortable and functional. The simpler and clearer, the better. And for that, not so many things are necessary. Only the basics. When preparing the habilitation it should be taken into account that the space must be designed for the first years of life. So the best thing is neutrality and simplicity in the setting, in the materials, in the furniture, and in the colors that are going to be used.

To begin with, if you have to make reforms or simply adapt a room in a room for your little one, start by choosing the colors for the walls. Soft colors are the most advisable. The classics such as light pink, sky blue, white and natural, never tire. The floor, better that it is of a material that allows a better cleaning. Rugs should be avoided, at least initially, to prevent possible baby allergies.

As for the furniture, the crib and the dresser (with or without changing table), it is recommended that they also be of a light color. And if you think about saving, they are arranged in modules. As the baby grows, it will have different needs, and it will be easier for you to change the modules of place, join or remove parts to adapt to the baby's age, and not have to change furniture.

When choosing bedding, paintings, toys, etc., you can raise the colors somewhat, especially to break the monotony and awaken stimuli to the baby. The sheets should be, as far as possible, 100% cotton. And don't forget the protectors, they are necessary to cover the sides of the crib and avoid hitting the baby.

Decorating a baby's room can be fun and tender for the couple. There are some techniques that can help you in the placement and position of the furniture to promote the well-being of the baby. as is the case with Feng Shui. It is worth knowing.

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