How to reduce back-to-school expenses

How to reduce back-to-school expenses

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Without a doubt, going back to school is a great financial effort for families. Books, school supplies, clothing or uniform, footwear, transportation, and dining room represent the main expenses at this time of year.

There is no magic wand that will make expenses disappear, but the Federation of Independent Consumer Users (FUCI) gives us some tips on how we can reduce them.

Reusing clothes and books, avoiding designer clothes and staggering purchases are some recommendations with which we can save. In order to reduce the dreaded cost of going back to school, the FUCI considers free textbooks essential. Apart from that, he advises:

1- Apart from the regional aid, request the scholarships offered by the government for the acquisition of textbooks and teaching materials.

2- Find out about the dining and transportation scholarships provided by each Autonomous Community.

3- If you are interested in doing extracurricular activities, check the schedule of the town hall of the town where you live. They offer cheaper prices than private centers.

4- Before buying the new material, take inventory of what is at home and then compare prices and qualities.

5- Diversify and stagger purchases since not all the material is necessary from day one.

6- Take advantage of the discounts allowed by law on Primary and Secondary books or choose to buy them second-hand.

7- Avoid buying brand name clothes, which can save 30 percent.

8- Reuse and recycle clothing, footwear, books and materials from other years that are in good condition.

9- If your child wears a uniform, take advantage of the 'packs' of the large stores for shirts, socks, jackets or sweaters.

10- If your child does not wear a uniform, plan the necessary clothes until the January sales.

11- Do not hesitate to hem or use knee pads: it is the best way to extend the life of the garments.

12- Avoid, as far as possible, resorting to fast loans since in the long run they can increase your over-indebtedness.

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