Exercises to strengthen the child's vision

Exercises to strengthen the child's vision

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The eyes are muscles and as such need exercise and training. It is the best way to strengthen your eyesight and improve your child's visual health in the long run.

The optometrist Teresa Molina (ISAVI Institute) gives us some examples of very useful basic games and exercises for children to do visual exercise and strengthen their eyes. This can help them avoid vision problems in the future, such as myopia, astigmatism, amblyopia or strabismus.

There are some exercises to strengthen the vision of our children:

1. Coordination exercises: All these exercises make the child work on eye-hand coordination.

- Make bracelets with small elements, such as rubber bands.

- Put noodles or grains of rice in a small container, such as a straw.

- Puzzles with many small pieces ...

2. Cross movements: If I want to strengthen a particular eye, these cross movement exercises can be used.

- For example, go to the opposite side of our body with one hand, or direct them to the opposite side with the other hand (Put objects on the table and try to grab those on the left side with the right hand and those on the right side with the hand left, crosswise).

- Cross-legged movements also work. In this way, the passage of information from one hemisphere of the brain to the other is stimulated. It is an exercise with which we not only work on vision, but also work on a neurological level.

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