Are you a guilty mother?

Are you a guilty mother?

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Mommy Guilt or Guilty Mother, is a book about motherhood that is having tremendous success in the United States and, it is that your title alone provokes the empathy of millions of mothers who feel guilty about some aspect of raising their children.

Are you a guilty mother? I guess most of us, or at least those of us who analyze ourselves as mothers, are. Sometimes we are 'bad mothers', imperfect mothers, mothers who even wanting to be the best in the world, we make mistakes that make us feel guilty. But are those feelings good? How can we handle regret?

Mommy Guilt, written by Julie Bort, shows a never-before-conducted survey, in which of the more than 1,300 parents surveyed, 96% felt guilty about some aspect of raising their children. The most frequent mistakes confessed included yelling at the children or the short time left from work to care for them. The book is intended to be a self-help for all those moms and dads who have regrets and offers tips for manage the feeling of guilt.

I don't like changing poops, getting up eight times a night, I no longer enjoy bath time that went from idyllic to exhausting in a year, going to the park is boring, when I'm tired and lose my patience I yell at my children and, The time I dedicate to them is not always of quality ... All those feelings that I have and that, I'm sure, have many other mothers, It leads us to feel guilty and bad mothers.

How can we stop feeling that way and not fall into frustration when we are 100% engaged in childcare? This book offers us a tool: do not fall into the trap. Nobody likes to change poop, or sleep trompiconeu, bathing a child is exhausting and everyone loses patience. We are human, we are not superheroes.

Self-help books like this are not miraculous, just by reading them we will not stop losing patience or making going to the park a party, but they will let's learn to deal with these feelings and to make us feel more satisfied with ourselves when we give our best for our children. In short, to learn to act responsibly with our children without being paralyzed by guilt.

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