Spa and pregnancy. Spa treatments to avoid

Spa and pregnancy. Spa treatments to avoid

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Go to a spa It is a most relaxing plan, which leaves us as new. This can be a great plan when we are expecting a baby, in order to release tension and feel better physically.

However, not all treatments given in a spa center are correct for a woman who is pregnant, and knowing them will be of great help to avoid them if we are expecting a baby.

In a spa, it is not highly recommended that women pregnant are in excessive contact with hot water. This is something that is found in all centers of this type of aesthetics, since the hot water pools contribute to relaxation.

However, it is not good for a woman who is expecting a baby to be in contact with too high a temperature in the water, as well as the fact that it is not recommended that she be exposed to jets in which the water comes out too strong. However, these risks are greater in the first trimester of pregnancy due to the risk of miscarriage, but both heat and jets can be applied gently as the pregnancy progresses, but always in a mild way.

The treatments of spa or spa that under no circumstances can a woman who is pregnant receive are those that have substances that can affect the skin, or even the baby. It is, first of all, the turkish saunas or steam baths, which could help lower blood pressure.

It is also not recommended that the pregnant woman make use of the call contrast hydrotherapy, which is one that combines pools of hot or warm water with those that have an extremely cold temperature. Finally, it is also not good that treatments such as pressotherapy or reflexologyas they could be dangerous for the child.

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