The mobile phone is not a toy

The mobile phone is not a toy

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The mobile is fashionable among children as young as 10 years old. In schools and among his friends, he is the toy most demanded. For them, the mobile is the best birthday gift, First Communion, and the most anticipated end-of-year award.

But the excessive use of mobile phones by children also has negative effects. Some children have to receive psychological treatment for their addiction to mobile phones.

The first thing that parents who decide to give their children mobile phones defend is that they feel safer when they go out and that they are more controlled and watched. However, according to a study presented at a congress on child psychology that was held in Miami, USA, these parents are not aware of the danger that speaking with a mobile phone represents for their children while crossing a street or walking through a traffic zone. Children lose their attention in traffic and can be victims of accidents. At 10 years of age, they are still not developed enough to concentrate on the street, they are easily distracted and exposed to high-risk situations. The study does not propose a ban on the use of mobile phones by children. It recognizes that in specific cases of need, such as illness, the mobile phone is an important means of control.

The director of the center where children who have become hooked on mobile phones study reveals that the addiction of these children to mobile phones was diagnosed when it was found that if the device was taken away, both had serious problems leading a normalized life. Their dependence had reached such an extreme that without the telephone, the children were able to perform the tasks that were requested of them. Both had telephones for their own use and without any control by their parents. Whoever carried the device with a card did what he could to get money to recharge the phone. They were watching their cell phones for about five or six hours a day.

We are in a society in which children get bored, confused, and look for faster and more immediate alternatives to have fun such as television, the play-station, the Wii, consoles, and now the telephone that, I insist, is not a toy . Children's interests, desires, illusions have changed. And the way of educating some parents too. The mobile phone is not a toy, nor is it a game. It is simply a communication device and as such an instrument of necessity.

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