Sibling relationship: having an older brother

Sibling relationship: having an older brother

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When I started going to school, I had my six brothers in higher grades. Although it is clear that today this is not common, this situation had many more advantages than disadvantages in the school environment. What I will never forget is that no one, but no one, dared to mess with me ...

Having older siblings, why kid ourselves, is great in most cases. The eldest (or eldest) is the maximum and main responsible for any mischief or mischief that several brothers commit together, almost all the reprimands fall on him for being the model that the little one has to follow. The biggest help (even very occasionally) to the little ones in their homework. They support them in their little college dramas.

They are an example and encouragement for minors in what they excel at. They are the gateway to the world of higher courses. They are the ones who 'pay the price' of the inexperience of parents when it comes to coping with the novelties in the growth of their children, and those who pave the way. They are the ones who have access to older things later because they have younger siblings, or, on the contrary, they are the ones who facilitate young people's early access to older things.

But, on the other hand, an older brother can also be a headache for the little ones. He is the strongest, he has the power and will undoubtedly use it for better and for worse. The older brother can exercise the right to 'crush' you and humiliate you, even if he never allows a stranger to do so. He is the one who enjoys certain privileges as adults that are forbidden to the little ones: he is the one who rides a bike on the road, the one who goes up the mountain with dad, etc. It is the one that often takes up more time from mom and dad when there are problems with studies.

Now it is not so frequent, but before, according to what I have been told, the burden of responsibility for the older son towards the care of the younger siblings was the order of the day and could be overwhelming. Like everything good in this life, having an older brother involves sacrifices and the occasional tear for those who enjoy it; but it is undeniable that those of us who have one or more would never change them because they are first-born or only-begotten. Newton said that he had risen on the shoulders of giants; I also believe that each child leans on the shoulders of their parents and, if they have them, also their older brother or siblings.

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