Differences between twins and twins

Differences between twins and twins

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When a woman has a multiple pregnancy, the chances of them being twins or twins they are at fifty percent. The differences between the two come from the moment of conception, and are not necessarily the same sex in the case of twins.

In the case of twins children, the difference is established from the moment of conception. Two sperm will be responsible for fertilizing two eggs, which will give rise to two completely independent embryos.

This means that the twins will not share a placenta or amniotic sac and will develop independently within the mother's womb. Twin children can be of the same sex, but they can also be born boy and girl. Regarding their resemblance, although many twins couples they keep a very marked similarity in the physical, in general they will look as much as if they were brothers born of different births, unlike twins. The reason is that they do not share the same DNA.

The fundamental difference of Twins With twins, it is that although there are two babies that develop independently, both come from the fertilization of a sperm and an egg. Later, the zygote will divide in two, giving rise to two embryos with identical DNA.

These two embryos will develop independently, which means that they will not necessarily share an ambiotic bag, but they will share a placenta, and that each of them may have a different weight at birth. Another fundamental characteristic is that twins always have the same sex, or two boys or two girls, and that their physique is exactly the same because they share genetic makeup. They will have the same eye color, the same hair color, the same face ...

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