Pregnancy definition dictionary with letter P

Pregnancy definition dictionary with letter P

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Knowing the different words or terms that are used throughout pregnancy and their meaning will help you live this stage of your life confidently and safely. Therefore, from we have developed a practical dictionary for pregnant women.

Here you will find all the words related to pregnancy that begin with the Letter p so you can know its meaning and learn more about what is happening to you.

Home birth

Some women choose to deliver their baby at home. To do this, they are accompanied by a doula, midwife or gynecologist who accompany them to monitor that the process goes smoothly. Home births are only indicated when there is no risk to the mother or the baby.

Induced labor

It is about triggering labor artificially. Specialists should be the only ones in charge of inducing labor and it is done when there is some kind of risk to the mother or baby. For this, oxytocin is administered intravenously to the pregnant mother to provoke the contractions that initiate labor.

Natural stop

It is a process that begins after pregnancy and ends with the birth of a baby. Labor has a series of stages: dilation, delivery, and delivery. Labor lasts an average of 8 to 12 hours, although first-time moms tend to have a longer labor. Labor begins when contractions cause the cervix to be effaced.

Multiple birth

It is the birth of more than one baby. The type of delivery will depend on the position of the babies in the womb or on whether there is a risk to the mother or the babies. The deliveries of two or more babies are usually carried out in a high percentage by cesarean section. However, if the delivery is vaginal, the delivery is usually easier for the mother since the babies are smaller.

Cesarean birth

When the delivery is considered risky or the baby has difficulties to be born, specialists choose because the delivery is by cesarean section instead of being natural. To do this, epidural anesthesia is administered to the woman and, with the help of instruments and a small cut in the pubis area to pass through the abdomen and uterus, the specialist helps the baby at birth.

Breech delivery

The natural thing is for the baby to adopt a cephalic position at birth so that the head comes out first, however in some cases the buttocks and feet are the ones that appear through the birth canal. This position occurs especially when the umbilical cord is too short or the placenta is high in the uterus.

Respected delivery

It is that delivery in which there is no intervention by gynecologists and midwives and no medication is applied during the process. The function of the specialists is to accompany the pregnant mother during the dilation and delivery phase to check that everything follows its natural course.

Premature delivery

This is the delivery that occurs between week 21 and week 37 of gestation and is also known as preterm delivery. In the event that it occurs before week 21, the viability of the baby is null and therefore an abortion would occur. It usually occurs due to problems in the mother, preeclampsia, late age, malformations in the fetus or alcohol and drug use.


It is the region of the woman's body that forms the pelvic floor. It has a triangular shape and in front is the vulva and behind the edge of the anus. The area in the middle is fibrous and is an essential support for the genital organs. To avoid tears during childbirth, it is advisable to massage the perineum before the baby is born.


It is the organ that supplies oxygen and food during pregnancy. It also facilitates the elimination of waste produced by the baby. The placenta is housed on the inside of the uterus and is made up of fetal and maternal cells. It begins to form from the second week of pregnancy and will have to be expelled after the baby is born.

Previous placenta

Generally, the placenta, the organ that connects the mother with the baby so that it receives the oxygen and nutrients necessary for its proper growth, is placed in the upper part of the uterus. However, sometimes it is placed above the cervix and causes obstruction of the baby's natural exit. It is detected through an ultrasound.


This is the period that begins after childbirth and the woman's body recovers its pre-pregnancy situation. During this stage, the woman will have to have at least two check-ups with the midwife to verify the mother's health status and the start of breastfeeding if the woman is breastfeeding.


It is a pregnancy disease that affects 5 or 8% of women. It generally appears after the 20th week of gestation and manifests with high blood pressure, fluid retention and protein in the urine. Preeclampsia can be mild, moderate, or severe, depending on the pregnant woman's blood pressure.

DNA test

It is the most effective and accurate test possible to determine family relationships between people. It is usually done to verify a man's paternity to a baby. The paternity report will indicate whether or not the man is the biological father of the child. It is usually done by collecting a sample of saliva.

Heel test

When the baby is born, a blood sample is taken from the heel and a week later another is taken. This test attempts to find the possible presence of congenital diseases in the newborn. They are carried out during the first days since their early detection is essential to be able to treat them and that they can cause more serious injuries.


Also known as quarantine, it is the period in which, over 40 weeks, the woman's body recovers its pre-pregnancy situation. All organs have to recover and return to their place. During this period, vaginal bleeding similar to that of menstruation occurs. It is a period of physical and emotional changes.

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