The father and the two daughters. Fables with values ​​for children

The father and the two daughters. Fables with values ​​for children

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This fable The father and the two daughterYes, it teaches our children that it is not possible to please and please everyone. A way to prevent the child from getting frustrated when, with good intention, he tries to please some and this is the anger of others.

Fables teach children, through their morals and teachings, values ​​to children. A good way to make them understand what happens with certain acts.

A father had two daughters. One married a gardener and the other a brick maker. After a while he went to visit the married man with the gardener, and asked about her situation. She said:

-Everything is wonderful with me, but I do have a special wish: that it rains abundantly every day so that the plants always have enough water.

A few days later he visited his other daughter, also asking about her condition. And she said:

-I have no complaints, just a special wish: that the days stay dry, without rain, with bright sun, so that the bricks dry and harden very well.

The father meditated: if one wishes rain, and the other dry weather, to which of the two do I attach my wishes?

Moral: Never try to please and look good to everyone. It will be impossible for you.

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