A trick to ease the pain of contractions: dance

A trick to ease the pain of contractions: dance

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Do the contractions hurt? It is one of the questions that first-time moms ask during pregnancy. In some cases, in very rare cases, there may be no pain, but in general, the contractions do hurt.

To alleviate the discomfort, there are several tricks that we can put into practice, although none as original as that of an American mother whose video has been around the world. About to give birth, she stands in the hallway with a friend and a nurse and begins to dance. To the rhythm of 'Watch me' he does a whole choreography to forget the pain of contractions.

An American mom seemed to have forgotten the pain of contractions as she danced and jumped. Wearing her hospital gown and accompanied by two other women, the mother moved her arms and legs with such agility that she seemed not to be about to give birth.

Dancing is not what really works for this mother, it is the ability to put her point of attention and concentration on another activity, which also relaxes her and reports a state of well-being. Even the release of endorphins that dancing produces can help manage pain.

What's more, this action, along with walking, helps the baby descend through the birth canal and take place earlier.

- Breathing techniques: a deep breath controlling the amount of oxygen that enters the lungs helps to relax the muscles while transporting that oxygen to the baby.

- Massages: especially in the lumbar area. The father can participate in this way and help his partner by performing lumbar massages that relieve pain and relax the muscles.

- Expansion bathtubs: in some clinics they have these bathtubs that are filled with warm water to provide a feeling of well-being to the mother.

- Meditation and relaxation techniques: like mindfulness or yoga. It is important to start before delivery.

- Postures: some positions relieve pain such as lying with the legs up or on the side.

- Create a relaxed atmosphere: play music that encourages relaxation and focus the mind on moments that convey peace.

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