Cookie recipes for kids

Cookie recipes for kids

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If there is something that children like, it is cooking sweets. If they are cookies, much better. Working with flour is something that amuses, entertains and teaches them. So dare and try to make a simple cookie recipe, a fantastic option for breakfast or a children's snack.

Sweet or savory cookies, the choice is yours. Don't worry, because they are all simple recipes that won't cost you much to make. Of course, help them and put the cookies in the oven.

No child can resist a homemade cookie. With chocolate, butter or oatmeal. They are all delicious. Since, we have selected the best cookie races so that you can make them with the children. You dare?

Cinnamon and chocolate cookies. Cinnamon and chocolate peanut cookies to turn children's breakfast or snack into a very sweet and special moment. Do you dare to do them?

Oatmeal and raisin cookies. Homemade oatmeal cookies for children. Breakfast as a children's snack will be even more delicious and appetizing if we prepare these delicious oatmeal cookies. Guiainfantil offers you a quick and easy recipe to make homemade cookies for children.

Cookies with M&M or lacasitos. M&M or Lacasitos cookie recipe for children. our site offers us to prepare these delicious cookies with the children, a great alternative for a snack or breakfast.

Brownie cookies. Brownie cookies for the children's snack. easy chocolate cookie recipes. Brownielletas, cookie brownies recipe for children. recipes with chocolate for children's dessert.

Vanilla and chocolate cookies. Vanilla Chocolate Bunny Cookie Recipe. Cookies decorated in the shape of a bunny. Easter bunny cookie recipe for kids. Easy recipes for Easter with children.

Cookie pops. Cookie pops for children. Fun cookies with chocolate

Cookies shaped like a tea bag. This is the case, on our site we have made some cookies in the shape of a tea bag. It is a very simple recipe to make and it is also delicious, do you dare to make them?

Homemade oreo cookies. Oreo cookies are very popular with children, a recipe for chocolate cookies with cream ideal to accompany a glass of milk for a snack

Cookies with margarine. Homemade and healthy cookies recipe to surprise children. Learn to make your own homemade cookies with margarine with your children to serve at breakfast or children's snack time. Guiainfantil teaches you how to make this recipe step by step.

Chocolate quinoa cookies. Quinoa cookies with chocolate for children. The combination of quinoa and chocolate is delicious and very tasty for children.

Honey Cookies. Kids with food allergies can also enjoy Christmas treats thanks to this recipe from our site for gluten-free, dairy-free honey cookies.

Cookies with chocolate chips. Kneading is something that kids love, especially if they can do it to make this Crispy Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe. Some 'cookies' that you will not be able to resist.

Cookies with chocolate letters. To sweeten the children's going to or coming back to school, nothing better than some butter cookies with chocolate letters. our site offers you a simple step-by-step recipe for children: cookies with chocolate letters. An easy, simple recipe that children will love to take for their first school snack.

No-bake chocolate cookies. Chocolate is a safe bet for children's dessert, like this children's recipe for no-bake chocolate cookies, which are light and healthy.

Cherry chip cookies. Cookies are the best recipes for children. Its preparation is usually simple, like that of these delicious cookies with cherry pieces. It is a way to add vitamins to a dessert or snack that your child is sure to love.

Nocilla cookies or nutella. Cocoa cream such as Nutella or Nocilla are very popular with children, with it you can make recipes for children as simple as these Nutella cookies.

Medal cookies. The best cookies to tell dad he's number one. Make this recipe for kids as a Father's Day gift. Original recipes to celebrate Father's Day.

Shamrock cookies. This kids' clover cookie recipe is perfect to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, March 17, or to make with kids any afternoon. In addition, it is a very easy homemade recipe to make with the little ones, both for breakfast and for a snack.

Heart linzer cookies. Celebrate Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Friendship Day or any special occasion with these heart linzer cookies We explain the step by step of an easy and colorful recipe to make with children.

Christmas cookies. We present you delicious Christmas Cookie recipes to make at this time of year with children. Children will be delighted with these Christmas cookies. They are very sweet, and they can take care of shaping and decorating them, quite an adventure!

Butter cookies. Shortbread recipes for Christmas, step by step. The magical time of Christmas is perfect to prepare these shortbread with Christmas motifs. our site offers us a quick and easy recipe to make with children.

Orange and chocolate cookies. Easy recipe for orange cookies with chocolate chips. Orange and chocolate cookies to cook with children. Christmas recipe for orange and chocolate cookies. Christmas cookies for children.

Ginger cookies. Homemade gingerbread cookie recipe for children. We teach you how to make, step by step, Christmas gingerbread cookies, to eat, decorate and give as gifts. Known for the Gingerbread man, these cookies are a classic and a tradition at Christmas parties with children.

Heart cookies. Easy shortbread cookies to decorate the Christmas tree. How to make Christmas cookies with children. Christmas cookie recipe to decorate the tree with the children.

Chinese fortune cookies. Customize the Chinese fortune cookies with this recipe, you can surprise your guests with this recipe, and let the children write the messages.

Salty almond cookies. Snacks and appetizers are very practical if we organize a picnic in the country, try this recipe for children of almond crackers for the children's snack.

Snail cookies with nocilla or nutella. An exquisite and curious recipe for snail cookies with cocoa cream, Nutella or Nocilla, for breakfast, snack, or children's birthday parties.

Crakers with vegetables. Some salty crackers can accompany some rich starters. The children's recipe for seed crackers has all the advantages of healthy foods in addition to being rich and crunchy.

Cookie fir. Original recipe from the fir tree for sugar cookies and white chocolate, ideal for Christmas. Step by step of the cookie fir recipe so you can do it without complications.

Dove cookies for First Communion. How to make some original dove-shaped cookies as a souvenir of First Communion. If you want to have an original detail in your child's First Communion, you will love this recipe.

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