Balls to decorate the Christmas tree

Balls to decorate the Christmas tree

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Christmas, whatever our religious beliefs, is a fact that marks the dynamics of families almost all over the world. Whether or not we believe in Santa Claus or the Three Wise Men, the truth is that in the last days of the year the role of children tends to prevail, and nothing like having the children to add a little more brightness and color to the Christmas decoration of our home.

Keeping the little ones entertained for longer or shorter periods is a challenge and my intention with these lines is to suggest an activity that will allow them to play, exchange, talk… and above all get a little closer to their children. The idea is to 'dress' as artisans and make balls of yarn to decorate. When they are ready they will look beautiful hanging from a lamp, from the Christmas tree on the ceiling of the children's room.

Necessary material:
- Several meters of a rope or thread (raffia, cotton, wool ...) 4 or 5 millimeters thick.
- Small balloons.
- Glue, a container and some good scissors (if possible blunt).

1. First of all, cover the table or surface on which we will work with old newspapers or a disposable tablecloth, put an apron on the little ones and enjoy the moment without forgetting for a moment to clean, organize, collect ...

2. Once that is done, inflate the balloons of the size you want, they can all be the same or of different sizes, as you prefer. Then wrap the string around the balloon. You can cover it completely or leave spaces between one round and another which will later give it a special transparency that is much more attractive. To hold the end of the rope you can fix it with one of the previous turns.

3. In a container we mix three parts of glue with one of water. We stir and then we completely soak the rope with which we have lined the balloons. It is necessary to be careful so that the balloon does not explode and the future ball is spoiled.

4. When it is very wet with glue, place the ball on a disposable cup so that the ball does not roll and wait for it to dry. Once dry, it is advisable to repeat the layer of glue as this will give the rope greater strength. Once the drying process is finished, we puncture the balloon and carefully remove it from the inside of the ball.

5. Now is the time to let our children unleash their imagination and creativity by giving them a brush and a palette with bright colors. The best is acrylic paint as it is more durable and does not run the risk of erasing if it gets wet, but watercolor or markers also work.

Besides the tree, these balls can decorate a window if we put small bulbs inside them or to make ingenious dolls, combining different sizes: a small one for the head, a larger one for the body, and the longer ones for arms and legs, a shape that we can give the balloon at the moment we surround it with the rope.

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