Celebrate Brownie Day by cooking with the kids

Celebrate Brownie Day by cooking with the kids

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Brownies are richly flavored chocolate and nut cakes, which is why they have become a children's favorite. Try some of our recipes to celebrate the Brownie day.

Many gastronomy blogs take advantage of social networks to organize fun baking experiences, such as cooking a 'mega cookie' or 'mega muffin'. This time we jump into the kitchen to prepare a brownie, a typical American sweet.

Tradition has it the origin of brownies can be traced back to the mistake of a clueless cook who, trying to make a brownie, forgot to add yeast. Thanks to this, he achieved a sweet inside that is juicy and very crunchy on the outside that has become a classic of desserts, ideal for children with a sweet tooth.

But nowadays we don't always have as much time to spend in the kitchen as we would like. Do not worry, because it is not an impediment for you to prepare a rich brownie in the microwave, or with the help of a Themomix, for the most impatient children.

If you have tired of the original recipe dare to introduce variants combining fruits, like a chocolate orange brownie, or swapping walnuts for hazelnuts. You can even skip the nuts and make a white chocolate chip brownie.

And if what you do not like is dark chocolate, you can also enjoy this day with a white chocolate brownie, known as 'blondies' ('blond', in English). It is a very simple recipe, ideal for birthday parties or celebrations with children, with it you will always be right.

So you know, there's no excuse not to celebrate the Brownie day in the company of your childrenSurely you will have fun in the kitchen and will have a delicious snack.

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