What will the pediatrician of the future be like?

What will the pediatrician of the future be like?

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Although, when talking about the future, we always have the always dazzling technological advances in mind, there is a keyword in the Pediatrics of the immediate future. That word is 'humanization'.

We give you the keys to the future of pediatrics. Such will be the assistance to children in the not too distant future.

- The focus of health care will be patients, and their families.

- Pain management protocols will become increasingly important. Pain will be systematically assessed, and to be managed effectively.

- An increasing number of pediatric palliative care units will be created.

- The pediatric hospital will have playful and recreational spaces. The game, like a special doctor, heals, relieves, distracts.

- There will be free access for parents 24 hours a day in all Neonatology and Pediatric Intensive Care Units.

- The information process directly applied to the child will be standardized.

- There will be no other way to assist newborns than through care focused on the development of the baby and the bond with its mother (dark environment, silence, skin contact and promotion of breastfeeding).

- Children's opinion will be key in the development of the actions of the perceived quality committees, and in the improvement of hospital care.

- The relevant communication channels will be generated for the development of non-face-to-face telemedical consultations, such as the patient and family portal.

- Of course, we cannot ignore the technological advances in Pediatrics of the future. Among them, the use of robots. The surgical assistant Da Vinci It will be increasingly used in pediatric surgery, thanks to its ability to increase the precision of surgeons. Other robots, such as physiotherapy assistants (currently in the experimentation phase), will make it easier for children with disabilities to do basic but necessary things such as grooming themselves or hugging their parents.

And in this time of maximum interest in healthy habits and personal trainers, there will be smartphone applications that advise the child in a personalized way what sport to do and what to eat. Now, beyond the advice, the delicious ability of children to improvise will end up doing their thing and imposing, as has been customary since time immemorial, their law.

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