How and when to give children wings

How and when to give children wings

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Like chickens, surely many mothers would like to have their children under their wings, always safe and secure. However, even for chickens, the little ones need and must fly, they must conquer freedom so that they learn little by little to have responsibilities and commitments in their lives.

There are many opportunities and occasions in which we can promote the autonomy of children, and at the same time contemplate everything that they are learning to do for themselves. Protecting them excessively will only shelter them from knowing the sense of danger, risk, and making mistakes. A child can be autonomous but not independent. You may feel capable of doing things, but always in the company of your parents. A person will only be independent when he is an adult, that is, he does not need the advice of an adult because he is mature enough to make decisions. In this way, even if you teach your child to be autonomous, do not forget that he will always need your assistance, your approval.

Learning must start from an early age. Parents should encourage their children, reinforcing some skills that they believe their children are capable of. Children can begin to become autonomous with some small, everyday habits that their parents put into practice:

- Picking up their toys and putting away their clothes.

- Removing and fastening shoes

- Using the bathroom and showering alone

- Eating alone, that is, with their own hands

- Doing activities alone: ​​playing, jumping, running, jumping, going down a slide, etc.

- Collaborating with household chores: making and clearing the table, watering plants, taking care of a pet ...

- Solving some difficulties: duties, obstacles, etc.

Autonomy generates many benefits for children. It makes them more sure of themselves, they become more sociable, more responsible; they learn to follow simple orders and to be more cautious with handling money, etc.

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