Christmas decoration. Snowman and Christmas trees

Christmas decoration. Snowman and Christmas trees

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Do you want to create a Christmas atmosphere in every corner of your house? We suggest you do simple and decorative crafts with children. In We teach you to make a beautiful setting with Christmas trees and snowmen that you can put in the children's room. A great way to teach children to create their own Christmas decorations.

  • Paperboard
  • Green card
  • Pair of scissors
  • Glue
  • Wooden skewers
  • Decorated wire or pipe cleaners
  • Colored buttons
  • Green felt
  • Pencil

1. Draw and cut out a Christmas tree from a piece of cardboard, and then cut out small strips of green cardboard of different shades.

2. Glue the strips alternating colors and finally cut off the excess.

3. Decorate the tree with the pipe cleaners and colored buttons. Glue the wooden skewer from the back. Repeat these processes to make several trees, you can also create a snowman or a Santa Claus.

4. Cut out a cardboard circle and nail the skewers of all the elements to the surface. Put green felt to make the effect of a valley and you have a beautiful Christmas decoration.

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