Getting pregnant during menstruation is possible

Getting pregnant during menstruation is possible

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Many women believe that having sex during their menstruation, period or period, cannot get pregnant, but they are totally wrong. There is a small chance that they will conceive a baby while they are having blood loss.

Having unprotected intercourse at any time, even during menstruation, is a risk. When the woman has intercourse during menstruation, the chance of getting pregnant is low, but not zero. There are some reasons for this.

A woman's menstrual cycle begins on the first day of her period and ends the day before the start of the next period. This cycle usually lasts about 28 days, although it can vary for different reasons. Therefore ovulation (the woman's most fertile day) usually takes place on day 14 of the menstrual cycle. That said, you need to know that:

- Not all vaginal bleeding indicates a menstruation. Some women may bleed during ovulation. So be careful not to confuse these blood losses with menstruation. There are women who can ovulate more than once in the same cycle.

- During the first days of the menstrual cycle or pre-ovulatory phase, some hormonal changes occur in order to prepare for ovulation. At this time, the cervix makes a transparent and elastic discharge that causes the woman is more fertile. This fertile cervical secretion provides adequate nutrients so that the sperm that enter the uterus survive and can fertilize the egg. This can happen both before menstrual bleeding has stopped and within a few days after your period ends.

- The ovulation can occur days before menstruation ends or days later. When it occurs earlier, the blood flow that is less in the last days, favors the sperm to be transported with less difficulty, making conception possible.

- When a woman has sex in the days following menstruation You can also get pregnant as sperm can fertilize the egg up to three days after ejaculation.

- Fertile cervical discharge facilitates the entry of sperm into the uterus and it provides them with the proper nutrients so that they survive and be able to fertilize the ovum, even when the woman is bleeding.

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