Jesus, the sweet one, is coming. Christmas short poem

Jesus, the sweet one, is coming. Christmas short poem

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Some of the most important writers have poems about Christmas among their work. On our site we offer you a beautiful short poetry written by Juan Ramón Jiménez, author of Platero y yo.

The poem 'Jesus, the sweet one, comes', is a beautiful poem that talks about the birth of Jesus. Children can learn this poem to recite to the family.

Jesus, the sweet one, is coming ...

The nights smell of rosemary ...

Oh how pure it is

the moon on the trail!

Palaces, cathedrals,

they spread the light of their crystals

insomniacs in the cold hard shadow ...

But the celestial melody

sounds out ...

Blue spring

that the snow, when passing, soft, undoes,

and leave behind eternal calm ...

Lord of heaven is born

this time in my soul!

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