The miracle. Short poem with rhyme for children

The miracle. Short poem with rhyme for children

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Use short, rhyming poetry with children, and you'll see how useful it is for you. It has many advantages: they are short poems and by rhyming, they more easily capture children's attention.

Here is a very nice poem to practice reading comprehension and the ability to retain words with children. It is the story of some little ants to whom something unexpected happens. However, the final death causes them to believe in miracles. What will happen?

Step by step

the ants go,

loaded with the leaves

for your little house.

One after the other

they go in a row,

as if soldiers

to war they went.

from the sky came down,

and with its huge beak

one took.

The other ants

they are stunned,

and they look at the sky

they fear for their life.

The ant in the beak

looks at him imploringly,

without releasing the blade

he doesn't know what he's doing.

Please friend

let me escape,

and sighs loudly,

What a pity it is!

The bird catches

in a good moment,

and lowers it to the ground

with remorse.

Leave her slowly

without suffering harm,

the others don't understand

What has happened.

The happy ant

has returned home,

He does not know how

miracles happen.

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