Safety tips for children at Christmas

Safety tips for children at Christmas

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The home is full of dangers for the curious child or the baby who is beginning to take his first steps and everything around him captures his attention. But, at Christmas it is necessary to maximize the safety of children since lights, trees and any element of Christmas decoration can become a potentially dangerous element.

- To the Christmas tree: If you buy an artificial one, you must make sure that it is approved and that its label indicates that it is fire resistant. In any case, it should be located away from places where it could burn, such as fireplaces, stoves or radiators.

- Christmas lights: They give a very special warmth and magic to Christmas decorations but they are not worth just any. It is preferable to invest a little more money in quality ones than to buy ones that break easily. Nowadays, it is preferable to use led lights. If you are going to place them outside your house, make sure they were created for it because otherwise they could cause a short circuit.

- Candles: They have a strong power of attraction for children, place them in places that they cannot access and always away from elements that are liable to burn.

- Turn off at night: No matter how beautiful the illuminated tree is, it is safer to turn off the lights when you go to sleep.

- Christmas presents: if you leave them under the tree and your lights are the old ones, check that they do not have direct contact with the paper of the gifts since they take a lot of heat and could burn the packaging.

- Christmas decorations: perhaps the ornaments you had before having children are not worth now if they are very small, have pieces that can be swallowed or even split and cut. It is preferable to use felt or plastic ornaments.

- Safety in crowded places: Christmas congregates many people in supermarkets, shopping centers, squares and markets. It is very important not to lose sight of the children at any time and, if they go in a cart, always put it in front of us, never on the side to be able to look at the shelves in stores.

- Review: every year before assembling the Nativity Scene or placing the tree it is important that we check the state of all the Christmas decorations and, we assess whether it is not better to buy new ones.

- Toys: Make sure the toys you buy are approved and do not have small accessories that can be swallowed. It is important that the batteries cannot be removed by children.

In the event that, despite all the care, the child swallows something, it is important to take him to the emergency room as soon as possible.

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