Careful! Your baby crawls

Careful! Your baby crawls

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When your baby is born, the permanent fear of everything is born in you. You live eternally worried, if he does not eat, because he does not eat, if he eats because he eats a lot, if he does not poop because he is constipated and if he does a lot, he is bad.

But nothing is comparable to afraid of when they start to move on their own and I say to move because since they are able to move from one place to another without the help of anyone, your great concern begins. What to do then?

My great fear has always been everything related to electricity: plugs, lights etc ... That of finding my daughter stuck to the plug with the creeps, made me shudder and die of fear. But when your baby begins to crawl, drag, or crawl, new dangers appear for the baby and new ways that make your heart rate race.

One of the dangers that you can find at home is your home furniture that, with so much care and good taste, you chose when you were only two, and after having soaked all the decoration and interior magazines and having seen that the trend was minimalist By modules and all supermodern, you decide to put some very precious designer furniture full of danger. There is a phrase that resonates with me every day: 'The beakā€¦. Be careful with the beak' (said by my mother), of your supermodern table, which is exactly the exact height so that when the whirlwind passes it will take it with the side of its head or that it crawls under it and then cannot leave. Not to mention that the amount of books and CDs, of those that you listened when everything was peace and harmony, will end up lying on the floor or on top of the baby in question and that of course you will not hear or read again.

Another danger and on the other hand has a great attraction for them is the toilet and specifically the toilet brush, I do not know what it will have that everyone pleases and attracts flies like honey. If you add to this that they are a stone's throw from the little ones, then you already know how to spray the whole bath and the baby with bath product or in the worst case with bleach.

But without a doubt what for me has been the greatest danger and at the same time the greatest frustration, has been the Christmas tree. I love Christmas when this year arrived, and my baby who was already driving around the house alone, unfortunately for my order and control, we asked ourselves the question of: Where do we put the Christmas tree? And more than that question was; Where do we put it so that it does not throw it over and ends up as one more ornament?

Because of course, the Christmas tree is a temptation like any other: flashing, colored lights, some with music (one is very freaky) and thousands and thousands of dolls, ball or 'potas' (balls), that of course, like They are not going to close in and try to catch or drag you.

In short, there are two options: either we try to restructure our home despite the fact that the laws of Feng Shui tell us otherwise, and we make our home a more accessible place for our little ones Or we take a few meters of bubble wrap, we roll the little one in it and we throw him into the wonderful world of Our minimalist home.

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