Bilingual English and Spanish Baby Names

Bilingual English and Spanish Baby Names

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Anglo-Saxon culture has not only provided us with a lot of words that we have adopted into our dictionary almost without realizing it. Expressions like: ok, thanks, bye or hi, are part of our day to day, whether we speak English or not.

Furthermore, it is a fact that more and more children bear an English name, even if neither parent comes from the United States or Great Britain. Years ago it was unthinkable but today our children or one of their friends are called Kevin, Christian, Jennifer or Michelle.

But this does not stop here, the miscegenation between cultures and the expatriation of many people mean that there are thousands of mixed marriages in the world in which the Spanish language and English coexist normally. These parents, in many cases They look for names for their children that are pronounced or written the same in one language as in another.

In the names for children we have found names that can be used interchangeably in both cultures: Daniel, David, Samuel, Alex, Marc or Mark, Gabriel, Julián, Luis, Nicolas, Roberto or Eduardo.

As for the names for girls, there is also a wide variety: Ana, Sofía, Emma, ​​Victoria, Sara, Paula, Elsa, Eva, Mónica, Laura, María, Jessica, Bárbara, Debora, Cristina or Patricia.

The spelling may be a little different and, of course, the pronunciation also differs a bit from one language to another, but both Spanish and English speakers can pronounce any of these names without problem.

Do you know more names of boys and girls that can be used for a baby of both nationalities?

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