Paper mache hats for Carnival. Crafts for kids

Paper mache hats for Carnival. Crafts for kids

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Carnival is one of the favorite dates for children so it is important to have a costume so that they can enjoy the celebrations.

A good idea for your children's Carnival costume or a similar party for the little ones, is that of papier-mâché hats. A very practical and fun craft for Carnival to prepare. Also, very economical for parents' pockets.

However, regardless of the proposed animals, the base can also be used to build hats of the children's favorite characters, such as Mickey Mouse, Minnie, Peter Pan, etc.

Cat hat. Cat hat. Three hats of different animals, so that the children can make them, and create a costume for the carnival. A very practical manual job to prepare, very economical, and fun, for children and the whole family.

Ladybug hat. Ladybug hat. A very practical and fun craft to prepare. Children will enjoy 3 types of animal hats: ladybug, rabbit, and kitten.

Rabbit hat. Rabbit hat. A good idea to dress up children for carnival or a party is papier-mâché hats. Carnival crafts for children.

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