Siblings: advantages and disadvantages of the age difference

Siblings: advantages and disadvantages of the age difference

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Today we can plan how many children we want to have and even what the age difference between them will be. While there are couples who prefer to have their children very often to concentrate, in a few years, the task of getting them forward and that both are playmates, others prefer that the age difference is greater to enjoy each child separately and prolong the presence of a baby in the family for longer.

The experience of the first child usually marks the moment of the arrival of the second, although in the search for a second baby other conditions come into play and the economic, labor, social, family and couple's situation is usually carefully assessed. What's more, the arrival of the second baby also requires a new organization of routines and of everyday roles not only for the parents, but also for the child who sees the little brother arrive.

The age difference between siblings affects the organization and family relationships. Depending on what you have decided as a couple and as parents, taking into account the age difference between your children is essential to prepare the eldest and to organize your life based on parenting.

Advantage. Your child will adjust well to the arrival of his brother. You can offer simple explanations, since babies intuitively perceive situations, although they need the word of mom and dad to understand them. When the minor turns one year old, they will be able to interact in the game and both will be inseparable companions thanks to their close age. There is less chance of jealousy between them. As parents you will be able to concentrate the work of raising children in a certain stage of your life and optimize resources.

Drawbacks. Dedication to children and work during the first stage of their upbringing will be more intense. Possibly, they are both with diapers, breast and bottle or bottle and baby food, both need a stroller and you do not have enough hands to take care of two. Multiplying the needs of a young child by two or three can be exhausting and much more exhausting. However, many couples see this disadvantage as an advantage because later, when the children acquire autonomy, the parents also gain independence.

The age difference of 3 years or more is the most common. It is up to the couples who decide to go for the second baby, when they see that their child already looks like a child.

Advantage. The elderly may have a role in raising the newcomer to the family and, since the age difference is not great, they can still feel like friends and playmates, especially during early childhood. Parents have the possibility of enjoying their second baby with time and tranquility, because their older child is increasingly autonomous and independent.

Drawbacks. The questions and concerns of your child regarding the baby on the way will be more notable, as well as the explanations and the attention that you will have to give him throughout the pregnancy. When the baby is born, your role is essential so that the inevitable jealousy does not hinder your relationship and you can overcome it naturally. The older child should be invited to take care of the baby, protect him and calm him when needed. If you can get him involved in caring for that new family member, when he grows up, he will find a friend.

Advantage. It allows the couple to enjoy their new baby as if it were the first, from a perspective of maturity and confidence that only gives the experience of having been parents before. On the other hand, when the difference is 5 years or more, your first child will enjoy the life of an only child for longer and will be in a position to better understand their arrival. The older one several years apart is often the protector of the younger brother and serves as his guide and support.

Drawbacks. The couple has to start over and renounce the freedom and independence that, until now, the age of their eldest son granted them. Regarding your child, when the age difference is great, before the arrival of the newborn it is convenient that you be attentive to their possible identity crisis. Try not to change rooms and, if possible, avoid sharing them with the baby. Due to the age difference, they will hardly share games. The oldest runs the risk of suffering an identity crisis and the youngest of being the darling of the family.

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