Emotional intelligence How to educate children's emotions

Emotional intelligence How to educate children's emotions

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A child's intelligence is not measured by his IQ. The intelligence of a child has a lot to do with emotional intelligence. But what exactly is emotional intelligence? It is nothing more than the ability to learn to identify and manage basic emotions.

Since We want to give the importance it deserves to emotional education, a great engine for children's learning and happiness. Because we know that emotions have a lot to do with your child's behavior and way of being. An intelligent child is a child capable of controlling his emotions.

Sadness, anger, joy, surprise. And also disgust and fear. They are some of the basic emotions that the baby begins to experience from birth. But at first, he does not understand what they are or what happens to him. Why is he sad and why happy. Why you are afraid, and how to get rid of it.

Here you will find everything you need to know about emotions. What they are, how they affect children and how to help them manage them.

The basic emotions of children. How to teach children to control their basic emotions. At first, it is difficult to control emotions. For children they are new feelings that they do not know how to deal with. Little by little, they will realize that emotions are actually the ones that largely shape the personality.

Emotional stability of children. Children's emotions are also part of children's learning. In fact, in many schools, they are treated as just another subject. Because learning to express feelings can be decisive when establishing social relationships. It is not only part of the personality, but also of the child's sociability.

Educate emotions through stories. Stories teach us values, but they also help us understand emotions. We review some of the most common stories and feelings in children. You can use it as a tool for them to learn to identify emotions such as anger, desire, jealousy, fear ...

Educate the emotions through the cinema. How can we use the cinema to educate children's emotions? We explain how emotions are generated and how you can use movies to work on those emotions with children.

How the intelligence of children is measured. Are children who are skilled at numbers smarter? A study has shown that this is not the case. Intelligence depends on many more factors.

Emotions, the basis of learning. Learning to manage emotions helps children to excel or fail in school. The Spanish scientist Francismo Morao, has come to the conclusion that emotions are the ones that largely determine how the child's learning will be.

What children feel when they are angry. There are many reasons that can make children angry. In general, children's anger lies in their inability to control their emotions. Suddenly children feel rage, anger, at something that they do not like, that they do not achieve or that they did not expect. They get angry with frustration and disappointment. How to help them control that feeling?

Emotional problems in children. The psychologist Silvia Álava has given us an interview in which she clarifies what the main emotional problems in children are and how parents can identify them.

Emotional intelligence in children. Emotional intelligence is the ability to think, to reason about emotions and that implies, first of all, identifying emotions, both one's own and those of others, which would be emotional perception. How to teach children to control their emotions.

How to make a bottle of calm. Magic bottle or pot of calm. At we teach you how to make a bottle for children with emotional problems or to concentrate. It is a great tool for teaching children to manage their emotions.

Emotions in the newborn. Baby that goes from laughing to crying. Babies' emotions are characterized by manifesting themselves in a very intense way and with a very high frequency, which decreases with age as the baby has calming mechanisms, which are the result of its maturation process.

Caritas to teach the baby emotions. Caritas to learn emotions. Craft so that children can learn emotions in a very fun and entertaining way. our site offers a fun and educational activity for children to learn to differentiate between feelings and emotions.

How to manage negative emotions. Children's emotions. How to manage negative emotions in children. our site offers tips on how to help children transform negative emotions into positive ones.

Emotional changes in girls after menstruation. Girls' feelings after the first menstruation or menarche. How to help girls after their first period to understand emotional changes. Tips for parents to help their daughter face her first period as a positive experience.

How are the tweens. We give you some tips to understand and educate your child in preadolescence. Learn to detect if your child is maturing and why he is so irascible and with so many mood swings. How and when to know that children are already tweens. Symptoms of preadolescence in children.

Emotional changes in preadolescence. Emotional changes in children in preadolescence. What changes occur in our children just before adolescence. How to manage the emotions of children in preadolescence. We give you strategies for your children to manage those emotions.

Very sensitive children. Sensitivity is a quality with which one is born and, whoever possesses it, is capable of relating all the events of their daily life with their senses and their emotions. How to recognize and educate a child who is excited about everything, a child who has sensitivity to the surface.

How to develop emotional intelligence. To develop the emotional intelligence of children we have to take into account some basic pillars. The first of all is going to be learning to identify your own emotions

Videos about emotional intelligence. What is emotional intelligence. How emotional intelligence affects children's learning. How to help children understand and manage their basic emotions.

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