Reflexology to avoid fluid retention in pregnancy

Reflexology to avoid fluid retention in pregnancy

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From the beginning of pregnancy, the increase in fluids is one of the most frequent consequences that we will find. It is essential and necessary for the growth of the baby, they will help tone the muscles that will support the growth of the fetus and also prepare the pelvis for delivery.

But in the final stretch of pregnancy, especially in the last trimester, draining fluids for the future mother will not be easy. The poor return of fluids due to the lack of movement, as well as the pressure that the uterus is exerting on the veins, will cause the blood from the legs to circulate more slowly towards the heart and the fluid accumulates in the tissues of the ankles and the legs.

For a mother who suffers from edema or fluid retention, she should know that it is not a complicated pathology, but that there could be the possibility of covering up a serious disease, pre-eclampsia (also called hypertension), where one of the symptoms is retention of fluids.

A visit to your doctor will reassure you by indicating whether it is a pathological edema or a physiological edema. In the case of pathological edema, he will give you precise instructions on what to do throughout the pregnancy so that you and your baby are out of danger.

For moms with physiological edema, foot reflexology is highly successful, not only treating edema when it appears, but also helping to prevent it. The aim is to specifically stimulate the reflex points of the lymphatic, urinary and endocrine systems. The result is instantaneous and the benefits can be seen from the first session. Remember that you are pregnant and reflexology is a natural treatment that has no contraindications, keeping your health and that of your baby in perfect condition.

- Continuation of reflexology in pregnancy will guarantee better circulation, better oxygenation of the blood and a better return of fluids and lymph nodes in the extremities, avoiding physiological edema and consequently helping you not feel so heavy when walking.

- Do not forget that edema is often caused by lack of movement and by spending long hours standing or sitting, so, in addition to looking for a specialized reflexologist to help you relieve it and keep it at bay, walk and do gentle exercise to the best of your ability. Additionally, increasing your fluid intake along with light exercise will also help reduce edema.

- In the case of pathological edemaReflexology will also be of great help to you, but we only have to act when we have the green light from the medical team, never before, in this way we will not run any type of risks.

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