The most common diseases in babies and children

The most common diseases in babies and children

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The diseases most frequently suffered by newborns and children


It is one of the most widespread diseases on the planet and usually appears in childhood. Its origin is usually in allergies and consists of inflammation of the bronchial tubes, causing obstruction. The care and prevention of asthma are many, but it is necessary to be careful so that they do not suffer strong attacks.

Children's skin is much more sensitive than that of adults, so it is common for them to suffer from dermatitis. It has various forms of presenting itself and appearing, and its manifestations depend largely on the causes.

They are two of the most frequent diseases in babies and children since it is easily spread. The symptoms are known: obstruction, runny nose, increased mucus, cough ... And it is normal for it to lead to the flu since children have a weaker immune system.

In newborn babies and up to 3 months of age, the famous colic is common. The causes of colic cannot be confirmed, but if you are breastfeeding your baby, specialists recommend not drinking caffeinated beverages, walking and applying relaxation techniques to the baby.

Although it is not necessary for the baby to have his bowel movements at specific times, parents must control that he does the womb every day. If we see that it costs you, we can facilitate defecation with several home tricks.

An attack of appendicitis is very rare but it must be treated quickly, because not treated in time can have fatal consequences. It is usually caused by the obstruction of the appendix by stool and as soon as the child presents the first symptoms they should be taken to the doctor.

If your child has very strong smelling breath and urine, it is very possible that he has acetone. These symptoms are usually accompanied by fevers and vomiting, but breath is a clear indicator of the disease. The usual cause is the lack of sugars, but we can avoid it with prevention.

Conjunctivitis is one of the most annoying childhood diseases for babies and children, and consists of inflammation of the ocular membrane, which causes itchy, sore eyes. Its causes are diverse, but treatment should always be carried out by a pediatrician.

Anemia is a common disease in babies, children, and adults, caused by the body not making enough red blood cells or by not containing the necessary hemoglobin. How do you know if your baby has it? It is not easy to predict, as its symptoms are 'common' behaviors of the human body.

If your baby has inflammation of the foreskin and glans and complains when you touch him, it is very possible that he has balanitis. It is usually a symptom of another inflammatory or dermatological disease, but the causes of balanitis are varied.

Herpes is a fairly common viral infection, which can be of two types: herpes type I, which are the well-known sores around the mouth, and herpes II, whose causes and symptoms are more serious.

These are two acute respiratory diseases that must be treated with care and attention. Bronchitis is usually caused by a cold or the flu, while bronchiolitis is caused by a contagious virus. Antibiotics are not recommended for both.

Although on many occasions gastroenteritis can be a cause of diarrhea, the baby or child can develop this disease due to an incorrect diet or to a medicine. It must be treated with care, prolonged diarrhea without the necessary attention can lead to severe dehydration.

If your child has cold symptoms and is complaining strongly about his throat, he may have sore throat and pharyngitis. You can try to cure it with salt and water, but when the virus persists and is not treated in time, it is common for the process to be completed with a feverish process, which must be treated by a pediatrician.

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