Superfetation: A new pregnancy while pregnant

Superfetation: A new pregnancy while pregnant

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The word superfetation sounds very strange, I know. I confess that the first I heard this word was when the news came out that an American woman became pregnant while she was already eight weeks pregnant, and that she ended up giving birth to both babies in the same delivery. Of course, babies with different gestational ages, so the second has needed more acute care. An amazing experience of giving birth to babies of different pregnancies.

Superfetation is a very common phenomenon among animals (mice, horses, monkeys), but very rare in humans. It occurs when there is fertilization of an ovum released during the development of a first pregnancy, but the body continues to ovulate and the hormonal changes that inhibit ovulation have not yet been started.

Very few cases have been known since the first report on this exceptional phenomenon was known and published more than 70 years ago. Most human cases were associated with hormonal treatments, ovarian stimulation, or assisted fertilization. Superfetation consists of the formation of a fetus while there is already another fetus present in a woman's uterus. The result is a double or multiple pregnancy of fetuses with different gestational ages. Babies are not twins.

Julia Grovenburg, the young woman with superfection, learned that she was pregnant again during an ultrasound that she underwent in her second month of pregnancy. The ultrasound showed that there were two embryos, one clearly more developed than the other, separated by two weeks. Although the young woman's doctors point out that it is a case of superfetation, different opinions have appeared on the case in parallel. Some experts reveal that there are cases in which two twin fetuses may differ in size during pregnancy, due to an alteration in its development.

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