How much should parents demand of their children

How much should parents demand of their children

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Educating children is not always an easy mission for parents. Some are wrong for being too tolerant, and others sin for being overly demanding. Finding a fair measure is often a dilemma. After all, children do not arrive with an instruction manual. It is we, the parents, who must lead them.

Perhaps the answers that take us to the right place begin by maintaining an environment of discipline and organization in the daily life of the home, since it depends on them that children learn as much as they can according to age, level of preparation and ability, and the individual psychological characteristics they have.

A severe childhood routine, which does not take into account the peculiarities of the minor, can be harmful. The over-demanding parent is prone to the application of excessive punishments and it is difficult for them to accept that the son or daughter has committed any indiscipline. Sometimes the irritation blinds him and he ends up scolding his child harshly. And this is even more serious when being produced in a public place or in front of other people.

When the father or mother thinks, in the first place, that the child disobeyed and not that he entertained or forgot a certain indication, they can lose patience, punish harshly, and even suffocate your child, all attitudes that more than correct, hurt.

It is also important that the levels of demand of the adults with whom the child is directly related are more or less harmonious. That is to say, too different educational criteria should not coexist under the same roofLet's say a very demanding father, with an excessively tolerant mother or grandparents as this will only multiply the child's misunderstanding about the reasons that unleash parental disagreement and he will suffer much more from the punishments imposed.

In these cases, the child will learn that his obligations are relative and that he can do whatever he wants to Mom or Grandfather, while to the father he will tremble and try to behave at the height of their demands. He will never understand that the things they ask him are good for his training, but that 'it is better to hide with Dad to avoid bigger problems'.

Another truth is that early childhood education depends on many factors, not only on parental demands and as in other spheres of life, it is not advisable to 'burn through stages'. It is the parents who must fill ourselves with patience and expect our children to be able to incorporate certain habits and behaviors.

It is harmful to fill their lives with responsibilities while your friends spend time playing games. What in early childhood is a bond of close dependence, must eventually become a relationship based on mutual trust. Children should feel free, able to make their own decisions and, if necessary, come for help or advice. It is up to us to teach them to decide, not to decide for them and a good training could be when as children we let them choose what clothes to wear, what toys to buy or what color to decorate their room.

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