Benefits for pregnant women of sleeping on the left side

Benefits for pregnant women of sleeping on the left side

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During pregnancy, there are many discomforts that can occur as the pregnancy progresses. Beyond some typical ones such as fluid retention, lack of energy or emotional swings produced by hormonal changeThere are other types of guidelines that should be established so that pregnancy is as comfortable as possible, such as the time to sleep. Especially in the third trimester, when the body begins to 'weigh' much more, the pregnant woman should know how to position yourself to sleep, and which postures are most beneficial.

The most recommended posture for pregnant women is to sleep at the left-side. This way to fall asleep in bed has several medical benefits, and it is the best because by supporting ourselves on that side, because helps blood flowto in a much more natural way and the pregnant don't feel uncomfortable, since it is on the vena cava, where blood circulation is most abundant.

This is why gynecologists recommend sleeping in this way and not on the right side, since the circulatedn would be much worse and the pregnancy weight causing both blood and oxygen not to reach the baby in a fluid way during the night. In addition, another clear benefit is that it helps to prevent varicose veins from appearing or to prevent unnecessary fluids from being retained, something very typical of pregnancy, especially in the last weeks of gestation.

Sleeping on the left side facilitates blood flow, the oxygen capacity of the future baby and also the comfort of the mother, who can see how insomnia can appear especially in the last trimester.

To make bedtime much more pleasant, it is necessary in addition to the left side, sleep with a pillow between your legs, to help distribute the belly weight and make the bladder much tighter so that you don't feel like going to the bathroom too many times. In this way, the pressure applied to the uterus is also released, especially in the last weeks of pregnancy, where the weight of the baby also means that the area of ​​the pelvis and vagina can be sore during the day and be more pronounced at night.

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