The disappearance of the Luckys. Children's story about friendship

The disappearance of the Luckys. Children's story about friendship

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What is friendship for children? Do you really understand what it means? Friendship is a fundamental value that children learn over the years. Friendship is built and maintained with love and dedication.

With this tale, 'Disappearance of the Luckys', children will understand the immaterial meaning of friendship and how important this value is in their lives.

Long ago, in the land of the Magic Jelly Beans, there were some small colored beings called luckys. They were round and furry and soft, and very funny and loving. They were born from the most beautiful flowers, and were a constant source of good luck for those who were close. That is why all the people were accompanied by their own group of luckys. And they competed to make them their friends by offering them toys, sweets and all kinds of gifts.

Well, all but Violeta, a girl who never wanted to get his luckys with gifts. She preferred to treat them like true friends, and she tried hard to give them a lot of affection, do them favors, talk to them and worry about their things ... in short, she needed so much time to get and care for each of her furry little friends, which was with difference the person with less luckys.

One day the news spread that thousands of luckys without an owner lived under the honey falls, and people gathered gifts and sweets to travel there in search of more good luck. Violeta was very happy with the luckys she had and did not plan to make the trip, but when she saw that she was left alone, her curiosity got the better of her and she also started the journey with joy.

But when he reached the falls, he found only sad and lonely people sitting next to their piles of gifts and goodies. There was no trace of the luckys.

- Be careful, the cataract has swallowed all our luckys- a woman warned him. - Opens and absorbs them in an instant Go before it's too late!

But it was too late. The falls opened and closed with great noise. However, looking around, looking for his luckys, none of his dear friends were missing.

- He has not swallowed them - they all said without believing it, forming a circle around it.

Before they could speak much more, the falls reopened. This time they were kept open for a longer time, and allowed to see inside all the happy and happy luckys surrounded by the biggest and best gifts that could be imagined. When the waters closed, Violeta's luckys were still with her.

Finally, the waters parted a third time, staying open, and a funny looking man spoke to the luckys in a sweet voice.

- Come with me, little luckys. Here you will have more and better things than you can ever imagine. We will be great friends!

The proposal was so tempting that Violeta said:

- You can go with him if you want, guys. This place looks great. No wonder the other luckys liked it.

But not a single one of her luckys was separated from her. They hugged their little friend so much that no one doubted that for those little ones the truly wonderful thing was to be with the girl.

-I'm going to get my luckys back! - Then a boy said, going to the waterfall.

That child was the first to say it, but everyone knew Violeta's 'crazy things' with the luckys, and they knew immediately what they had to do to get them back. And one by one they entered under the waterfall to give their luckys the love, attention and generosity that would make them their true friends, and not the gifts they used to give them.

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