The overwhelming images of a baby playing in a window

The overwhelming images of a baby playing in a window

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Just a second. Babies are unpredictable. Fast, curious, and without any fear of danger. Just like this Brazilian baby who clings firmly to the window as if it were a game.

These images serve to alert us. Or better, to remind us that a single second can change your life completely.

Our home may seem safe to us. However, a baby is able to find a socket at his height that we forgot to cover, a sink that rolled on the floor and ended up under the sofa. Or an open window ... we leave it like that, perhaps, to air the house for just five minutes ...

The images make our hair stand on end. Fortunately, in this case the ending is happy. The mother of the little girl notices in time and grabs her arm tightly. Nevertheless, many times there is no happy ending. Many minors die every year from a situation identical to this. In this case, the Brazilian girl was only on the windowsill for a minute. But we all remember this terrible scene of a Russian boy who spent fifteen minutes playing in his window ... on an eighth floor.

Babies are great climbers. When they are little, they are not aware of the danger, because they still don't know how to relate an act to a consequence. Up to 24 months, they are not afraid of risk. Therefore, in addition to watching the baby at all times, you have to start explaining what the danger consists of and what they should avoid. The baby must be shown the most dangerous places and say a very clear and forceful 'No', accompanied by a gesture of pain. Phrases like 'the oven burns', 'the plug does a lot of damage' ... phrases that they can understand. Of course, you can do your part by adapting the house to the baby with some safety measures:

- Do not leave chairs near a window or stools that the baby can drag.

- If your house has a staircase, install a security barrier.

- Install safety locks on windows and balcony door.

- If the balcony has bars widely separated from each other, install a network to cover the spaces.

- Do not use braziers or gas stoves.

- Never leave pans with the handle out in the kitchen or let them in when the oven is on.

- Do not leave within reach Cleaning products, no iron or other electrical appliances.

- Never leave him alone in the bathtub.

- Do not give him toys that are not suitable for his age.

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