Saint Simeon's Day, January 5. Names for boy

Saint Simeon's Day, January 5. Names for boy

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Simeon is a name for a boy of Hebrew origin that means 'the one who listens'. As it is not one of the most frequent names, your baby will be able to carry an original name while maintaining tradition. A variant of Simeon is Simon, a much more used name that can also be perfect for your son.

Celebrate your name day On January 5, which is the day of Saint Simeon.

Showing off the meaning of the name, Simeon is a affable child who knows how to listen to others, which is why he is a person very loved by his friends. In addition, Simeon is responsible and with a great capacity for work. Their social skills are based on a great capacity for empathy and on handling the art of persuasion like no one else, being, in general, very seductive people.

Both Simeon and Simon They are names that hardly change their spelling in other languages, so your child's name will be easily recognizable all over the world. It only varies a bit in Italian, giving rise to Simeone, so familiar because it is also the last name of a well-known footballer. However, the one who has given the name the most fame is a woman, Simone de Beauvoir, famous for her existentialist and feminist writings.

We know some characters named Simeon, like Simeon II, who was King of Bulgaria during World War II. And Simeon was also a famous French painter whose paintings are exhibited in museums such as the Prado or the National Gallery in London, Jean Babtiste Simeon Chardin. Although the name of your son is better known for being Simeon the name of two biblical characters.

For its part, the name Simón is more familiar and close to us thanks to personalities such as Simón Bolívar, a key figure in the independence process of the countries of Latin America. Although probably the name Simon is known to children around the world due to the fun game 'Simon says'.

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