5 homemade tricks to hydrate your lips naturally

5 homemade tricks to hydrate your lips naturally

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Variation in temperature, cold and heat, hormonal changes ... many are the factors that contribute to lips can become dry and dehydrated.

Although we always tend to add cocoa or petroleum jelly to hydrate them in depth, many times we do not have these products on hand that manage to remove the sore lips with open skin. For this reason, it is convenient to know some home remedies that we can obtain in a simple and natural way to regain a healthy and beautiful mouth.

1. Olive oil: It is convenient to know that it contains regenerative properties, and is a fundamental ingredient in many creams, as well as in products intended to hydrate the lips. If we do not have any of these elements of beauty on hand but we do have olive oil, what we have to do is apply a few drops on the damaged areas of the lips and keep it as a balm for a few minutes. Little by little, we will see how the oil penetrates the skin of the lips, helping to reduce their dryness.

2. Toothbrush and toothpaste: The important thing for lips to be hydrated again is that they are not dry or cracked. Getting the mouth to be at its best goes through knowing a remedy as simple as a toothbrush with its corresponding paste. Delete the dead skin of the lips It is very easy if we pass the toothbrush through the area, helping to make all the cracks disappear, since it remains exfoliated. If we also want it to look much more hydrated, we have to apply toothpaste on the side of the lips that looks more dehydrated, and after a few minutes see how the results are palpable.

3. Honey: Honey is not only a very nutritious food with an exquisite flavor, but it also helps to regenerate the hydration of the lips when we apply it on them. Although it can be combined with sugar in another home remedy, its moisturizing property makes it especially during sleep hours, the mouth regenerates of natural form. What we have to do is apply some hints of honey with the fingertips before going to bed, to allow it to penetrate the affected area.

4. Aloe Vera Pulp: The healing properties of aloe vera are more than known, and in addition to being a fantastic component for the skin, it also helps the regeneration of the lips possible. Aloe vera acts as a natural exfoliator, and makes the excess skin of the lips disappear and thus regain a healthy and hydrated mouth.

5. Sugar massage: Making a paste with sugar can also help us regain lost hydration on the lips. What we have to do is use a small splash of honey so that the mixture comes together well, and with it we massage the lips, allowing its regenerative properties to act for a few minutes.

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