A super invention to reconnect the family

A super invention to reconnect the family

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Try to visualize a moment of lunch or dinner at your house. Is there a television on in your image? A tablet on the table with cartoons? Does a smartphone come to vibrate before the avalanche of messages that do not stop arriving?

Yes, that's what lunch and dinner are like today in most homes. Screams of parents to whom the children ignore, children hooked to the mobile phone, parents petrified in front of the television. Where was that moment of conversation? That 'tell me how was school today'? Definitely yes, new technologies have hijacked family meals. And they do not plan to release their prey.

An Australian sauce company (Dolmio) decided to take action. To do this, he devised a fantastic invention:the Dolmio Pepper Hacker, a salt and pepper mill capable of blocking home Wi-Fi for 30 minutes. You just have to turn the grinder to season the dish and it automatically deactivates the wifi of all the electronic devices in the house. For this, this device uses remote device management software. The result? Do not lose detail ...

Maybe your first thought when watching this video is: 'well, very well played, but I don't think this really exists'. Well yes, it exists, and it is real. The company recorded the scenes in real homes with a hidden camera. The only 'buddies' were the mothers. The children's reactions are authentic. Surprised?

It seems a lie, but we do not realize it. Television, mobile phones and tablets, have kidnapped a magical moment within a family: time to share a meal and talk. The dialogue is over. But recovering it is in our hands.

This surprising invention also serves as an idea. Even if you don't have a gadget to block the Wi-Fi .. Would you be able to turn it off thirty minutes a day to share that time with your children? Would you be able to turn off the volume of the smartphone? Of trying to get your child to eat without having him watch cartoons on the tablet over and over again? Do the test. Disconnect the wifi and regain the connection with the family.

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