Genealogical tree of your family. Crafts for kids

Genealogical tree of your family. Crafts for kids

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Children sometimes have a hard time recognizing their kinship within the family and locating each of its members, so this craft for kids It will help you understand the relationship between all the members of your family.

We are going to make a homemade family tree using cardboard and photos of family members or a drawing or cartoon that identifies them. Children will have a great time creating their own family tree and it can also be a gift for grandparents.

  • Cardstock of various colors
  • Glue
  • Pair of scissors
  • Markers or pencils

advice: on each branch of the tree you can put both photographs of each of the family members, as well as drawings of them with something characteristic that identifies them.

Step 1. Draw the trondo of a tree on a brown or white card that you later paint brown. Remember to make the branches where each member of the family will go.

Step 2. To make the leaves of the trees, make round or cloud-shaped shapes on green card and cut them out. Make as many as members you are going to put in the family tree.

Step 3. Print photos of family members and cut out just their faces or draw them on paper. Glue each face on each of the bunches of leaves.

Step 4. Glue the trunk of the tree on a cardboard and on each branch, put the bunches of leaves together with the faces. You can write the name below.

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