The 4-wing butterfly. Stories for children

The 4-wing butterfly. Stories for children

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The 4-winged butterfly is a beautiful children's story that talks about creativity and imagination and how these qualities can save even the most complicated situations.

Beautiful and unique among all the butterflies. With 4 wings of primary and secondary colors, it was without a doubt the most popular butterfly. So much so that all the other butterflies wanted to fly next to her because she was spinning at an incredible speed. It went up very slowly, and suddenly ... it went down very fast, or sometimes the opposite: it went up very fast ... and it went down slowly drawing many figures with its fast movement. Triangles, circles, squares, rectangles were the favorites. But also, sometimes, he liked to fly around the clouds to travel them according to the shape they were. A fast and creative 4-wing butterfly.

Always, the butterflies with two wings stayed still and attentive to see what figure the butterfly with four wings made. One morning, when the 4-wing butterfly did not go out in the morning to fly through the valley, all the butterflies in the region were worried. Then a curious 8-year-old butterfly said to her 7-year-old companion:

- Could it be that the most precious butterfly of all of us has had an accident?

- The minor butterfly replied: If so, I don't know what we'll do. It is she who adorns and gives magic to the sky, to our mornings and our afternoons.

The minor butterfly felt melancholy and did not want to speak any more that day. But the larger butterfly did not give up, and the next morning it got up early to fly in search of the 4-winged butterfly.

He flew and flew slowly for long hours, and already about to give up, he remembered the words of his intelligent butterfly mother when she said: 'Sometimes you have to stop and think in which direction you are flying. When you fly in one place you don't learn anything new. '

Then the 8-year-old butterfly returned to the place where the butterflies gathered in the afternoon after having seen the 4-wing butterfly fly, and said:

- The 4-wing butterfly will not return. It is gone. But we can't just sit around doing nothing.

- A 9-year-old butterfly then asked: What will we do to make our imagination fly like when we saw the 4-winged butterfly fly?

- The 8-year-old butterfly replied: We will fly. We will fly in pairs. Two butterflies will become one and thus we will have 4 wings. We will always shake hands and we will always hug each other when the winds are very strong.

The group of butterflies of the valley smiled, and from that day on they united their bodies, their hearts and their wings with their different colors. Nothing stopped them to conquer other distant valleys. So many, that one day they came to a new one where they observed in the distance the old 4-wing butterfly that had been long gone.

Shyly, they flocked little by little to the 4-winged butterfly, who surprisingly out loud said: I was waiting for you.

Sent by Iván Felipe Duque Hernández (Colombia)

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