The most popular names in Bolivia for girls

The most popular names in Bolivia for girls

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One of the first decisions that parents have to face before the arrival of the baby is to choose the name. Family pressures, readings, fashions, trends, television characters or film artists can influence the decision. However, from the amount of names for girl To choose from, a traditional and familiar name seems to give more security.

In Bolivia, contrary to what occurs in other neighboring countries, in the list of frequent names for girls we only find one compound word. Perhaps because Bolivian families have chosen names for their girls that are forceful for themselves, elegant and with personality.

1. Martha. This name of Aramaic origin and biblical tradition has become the preferred name for Bolivian girls due to the elegance implicit in its meaning of "lady". In addition, choosing its English version adds a sophisticated touch to the traditional Marta.

2. Roxana. The name is of Persian origin and, contrary to general belief, it is not the same as Rosana. If it is among the most frequent names in Bolivia, it is because of its beauty of meaning, "aurora", and because it gives off a special delicacy.

3. Ana Maria. It is a name of Hebrew origin that combines two simple and traditional names but with all the force of tradition. They are also two almost universal girl names that are known and popular throughout the world.

4. Elizabeth. This English version of a name of Hebrew origin is one of the frequent names for girls in many Latin American countries. We like it because it highlights the femininity and sweetness of any girl and, at the same time, brings a great personality.

5. Sonia. It is a name of Russian origin equivalent to the Greek Sofia. Both versions are losing popularity according to areas and times, but they always come back renewed and with an original touch. Wisdom is implicit in its meaning, so it can be the ideal name for your girl.

6. Juana. The name has a Hebrew origin and is as frequent and universal as its masculine Juan. Juana is positioned as one of the favorite names for girls because it evokes nobility and distinction and because it is a name that, despite its simplicity, exudes strength and power.

7. Patricia. This name is of Latin origin and stands out for its musicality and beauty. It is a name for a girl that evokes nobility and height and is always sophisticated. Despite its long tradition, we are facing one of those names that do not lose freshness and are always current.

8. Lidia. It is a name of Greek origin with a marked component of magic and mystery. Despite being known since ancient times, Lidia reinvents herself in each generation to be original and sophisticated again. Without a doubt, it is one of the most charismatic names for girls.

9. Rosmery. This name is of English origin although, due to its meaning, we must go back to Latin. And it is that the name is not a compound of Rosa and MarĂ­a, as is sometimes assumed, but of Rosa and the Latin genitive of Mar, so the meaning of this name would be 'rose of the sea'.

10. Carmen. The name is of Latin origin and is one of the most popular in the Hispanic world. Its meaning tells us about music, beautiful songs and beauty, so it may be the name you are looking for to highlight the personality of your girl.

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